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JustBE Rosé

JustBE Rosé

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Elegant sparkling rosé wine

Sweet little ROSÉ
The sparkling Frizzante with the scent of flowers

Hello Sweetheart! Just as sweet as the JustBe Rosé looks - namely in the golden pink bottle - so does it taste. Noble, sparkling, high quality - just like the gold in the chic bottle!

A full-bodied yet sweet Frizzante - a sparkling wine, like a sunset by the sea. A pleasant floral scent unfolds at the first pop. Whether iced in an elegant portion bottle or served in a stylish glass (of course on extra ice cubes and with real flower decoration) - the JustBe drink is always refreshing, regardless of whether you are enjoying it on the beach, in an aperitivo bar or at a garden party. The fact is: BeRosé loves stylish dinner parties and girls' parties alike - as long as they're in company!

Natural, high-quality ingredients result in a truly convincing taste. The handy bottles come in the noble Justbe style and show what they are made of!

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